Trevor Jury has been elected Captain of the Grantville Rifle Club for the 2018/19 year.  

'Come and try' long distance shooting under VRA Rules at the Grantville Rifle Range.  No firearms licence required for this.  There is a modest charge to cover reloading and other incidentals.  Individual coaching is provided and a Club rifle supplied.  The number of visits is limited before the  legal requirement  for  a visitor to gain a firearms licence and join the club kicks in, but give it a go!

Welcome to the Grantville Rifle Club Range. Shooting from 300 - 600 yards
  • Shooting takes place on most Saturdays commencing at 10.00am unless it is a declared FIRE BAN day, or closed for some other reason.  When this is the case, notice will be published on this page.
  • Beginners (no shooting experience or firearms licence necessary) are most welcome, as are visitors from other rifle clubs.  Contact secretary, donaldmcleishjp@gmail.com  Come prepared for the weather. 
  • Please be advised that no shooting is permitted on the range unless authorised by the rifle club, and prohibited persons under the relevant Govt. Act are not permitted on the range.
  • Club membership fulfils the legal requirement as a reason for holding a Category AB firearms licence.
  • In the event of heavy consistent rainy weather, shooting can take place fully undercover at the 600 yard range.
  • Non Members can sight in rifles by appointment with secretary.  9am Saturday mornings only.  $20 administration fee applies.  Bring your required size target face and prepare well for those deer shots.

  • Shoot for Autism.  This annual fundraising shoot to support the Southern Autistic School was held at the Grantville range.  The 2018 event  took place on Saturday May 19  . Thank you to all VRA shooters, club members and sponsors who support this worthy cause.  Approximately 5K was raised this year where for the first time a two day shoot was held.                                                                                                                                      
The Queen's Prize Rifle Shooting Competition

You may have heard about the most prestigious competition on the shooting calendar.  It is called the 'Queen's Prize'
All may participate, but only the very best can win this event.  Held in most Commonwealth countries including Australia, each state hosts a Queen's Prize shoot annually.   The competition was inaugurated by Queen Victoria in an attempt to raise the standard of marksmanship following the Crimean War. The prize was 250 pounds, enough to buy a small house in those days. Queen Victoria shot the opening round.

Countries throughout the Commonwealth quickly followed suit. In Australia, the States formed individual Rifle Associations to host the competition.   International competition flourished, and in fact, the first national Australian sporting team ever to tour overseas was a rifle team in 1876.  If you wish to observe a Queen's Prize Shoot, visit the Victorian Rifle Association website for details.  A quaint historic practice is the winner being carried  to the presentation ceremony high in a chair supported by his/her peers usually carrying the rifle used in the competition, and sometimes to the strain of the bagpipes.